Sugar, oh sugar, sugar


Sugar is sweet, but too much might have souring effects on your body. In fact too much sugar intake can lead to illnesses and complications that often lead people to the Emergency Room. To maintain good health, one needs to maintain a healthy diet.


Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that naturally occurs in many foods such as in fruits (fructose) and milk products (lactose).


These sugars provide us with the nutrients and calories our bodies need. When we eat too many added sugars — such as white sugar, honey, corn syrup, and molasses — we may start to see side effects.


Some signs that you are getting too much sugar from empty calories include weight gain, elevated cholesterol, and cavities.


There are many ways to reduce added sugar in your diet:


  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.


  • Drink fewer sugar-sweetened beverages, and keep in check how much 100% fruit juices and alcoholic beverages you drink.


  • Eat fewer and smaller portions of items containing added sugars.


  • Limit using added sugar to improve the flavor of foods.